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Cesare Lombroso and Degenerative Psychosis

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Cesare Lombroso, an italian psychiatrist, thougt that being a genius may be the expression of a Degenerative Psychosis ?
Lombroso explained that in his book “”Genius and Insanity“, published in 1864. He tried to prove that such geniuses as Cellini, Goethe, Newton, Tasso, Rouseau, Comte, and many others had experienced attacks of insanity.
He also wrote in his last books that the quality of being a genius is associated with Epilepsy.
For several decades Lombroso had great popularity in Europe, but finally their lack of scientific basis made even Lombroso’s own pupils skeptical about his work.
Imagen de Cesare Lombroso

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Edith Jacobson Biography

Edith Jacobson

Edith Jacobson

Biography of Edith Jacobson

Edith Jacobson (1897-1978) was a German psychoanalyst doctor who was born into a Jewish family of doctors from Lower Silesia. She was part of the first generation of women with university education after the First World War.

This psychoanalyst was a very politically committed person. The Gestapo stopped her in October 1935. Fleeing from the Nazi threat she settled in the United States of America, where she died in 1978 (Rochester, New York). In America, Jacobson was a member of the Institute of Psychoanalysis in New York. In that institute he worked as a psychoanalyst for many years.

But back to its beginnings, Edith Jacobson, who had graduated as a doctor and worked as a pediatrician in a hospital in the German city of Heidelberg, began to be interested in Psychoanalysis as a result of knowing sexuality of the kids through his work as a pediatrician.

In 1925 Edith Jacobson entered the Psychoanalytic Institute in Berlin where he had as teachers Sándor Rado, Franz Alexander and Otto Fenichel. Jacobson performed with the latter his Didactic Analysis.

In his early work Edith Jacobson included extensive and detailed clinical material of his experience in the treatment of children with psychic problems. In these studies on child psychic pathology we can be seen a clear influence of the two great founders of psychoanalysis of children, Anna Freud and Melanie Klein.

Among the most important contributions made by Edith Jacobson deserve to mention their interesting studies on the Depression, Psychosis and the Freudian psychic instances of the Self, Id and the Super-ego.

The theories of Edith Jacobson are framed within the current developed by Marxist psychoanalysts of the Berlin Psychoanalytic Institute. Among these psychoanalysts were Wilhelm Reich and his wife Annie (the latter became a great friend of Edith), Otto Fenichel, Erich Fromm, etc. This group of psychoanalysts, we could say “from the left“, emphasized the importance of external reality for psychological development and the social influence in the development of neuroses.

In this line, Edith Jacobson argued that the environmental factor of reality was as important as the internal world of emotions and fantasies.


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Ejercicio físico y Psicosis


balones de deporte

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la actividad física y el deporte podría ayudar a reducir la mortalidad en las personas que padecen alguna Psicosis?

Los enfermos de Psicosis suelen llevar una vida sedentaria, y también con frecuencia fuman demasiado, ambos factores contribuyen a que estos sujetos padezcan enfermedades cardiovasculares que acortan su vida. También la intensa ansiedad que padecen les lleva a comer en demasia en algunos casos, por eso es fácil en ellos la obesidad.

Un estudio publicado en el Schizophrenia Bulletin, titulado “Physical Activity Levels and Psychosis” y dirigido por Brendon Stubbs encontró que los enfermos se psicosis son los que menos ejercicio realizan en comparación con las personas sanas.

Los investigadores trabajaron con una muestra de 204.186 individuos de 18 a 64 años agrupados en tres grupos:

Grupo A: sujetos sin síntomas psicóticos en los últimos doce meses.

Grupo B: sujetos con Psicosis subclínica

Grupo C: sujetos con diagnóstico de psicosis.

Si los enfermos psicóticos realizaran 150 minutos semanales de actividad física moderada, como recomienda la OMS (Organización Mundial de la Salud),  aumentaría su calidad de vida y su salud física.


(Si alguien esta muy interesado en este tema le sugerimos consulte el artículo completo en la publicación del Boletín de Esquizofrenia arriba mencionado)


(Editado por la Dra. Moya Guirao)




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Depersonalization phenomena can occur in normal people either spontaneously or under conditions of emotional or physiological stress ?

For instance, in experimental sensory deprivation, and in experiences in the desert, in life boat, in the Arctic, or in the high mountains.

The term Depersonalization was introduced by Dugas in 1848 . He wrote about that an article in the Revue Philosophie de la France entitled “Un cas de Depersonnalisation“,  and in 1933 another one, “Sur la Despersonnalisation“,  in the Journal Psychologie Normale et Pathologique.

Depersonalization besides occur in organic disorders like encephalitis, delirious states, intracraneal tumor, cerebrovascular pathology, and head trauma. It can appear also in different Neurosis, especially in Panic Attacks, and in Psychosis.


(Edited by María Moya Guirao, M.D.)

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Parkinson’s Disease and Haloperidol

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Haloperidol, an antisychotic drug, diminishes the effect of L-Dopa ?

Patients with Parkinson on L-Dopa therapy may see aggravated their Parkinson disease if they received Haloperidol.

Haloperidol is a neuroleptic used in the treatment of Schizophrenia and other psychosis.


(Edited by María Moya Guirao, M.D.)

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Butyrophenones are neuroleptics used in schizophrenia patients, alcoholic delirium, senile psychosis, organic psychosis and some neurologic disorders. These neuroleptics block Dopamine receptors in the Central Nervous System. The most known Butyrophenones is “Haloperidol“.

Butyrophenones compared with Phenotiazines cause less hypo-tension, anticholinergic effects, cardiac complications, and sedation. However Haloperidol induces chronic cholestatic and more extra-pyramidal effects than other antipsychotic drugs.


(Edited by María Moya Guirao, M.D.)

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The effects of Amphetamines are alertness, anorexia, elevated mood, increased wakefulness and concentration ?

Amphetamines produce also a feeling of well-being, but they induce Psychic Dependence and Tolerance.

Continued high doses may produce hallucinations, delusions, anxiety reaction, paranoid psychosis and depression during a which suicide is a possibility.


(Edited by María Moya Guirao, M.D.)






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