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Abstinence Syndrome (English)

What is the Abstinence Syndrome ?

The Abstinence Syndrome is characterized by untoward physiologic changes that occur when the drug or alcohol is discontinued or when its effect is counteracted by a specific antagonist.

The use of drugs and the consumption of alcohol develop dependence and tolerance. Many addicts continued using them to prevent the discomfort of withdrawal. Drugs use and alcohol drink have became a part of our culture. Recreational use is often accompanied by ritualization with a set of observed rules and is seldom practiced alone.

Most of the addicts people abuse alcohol or another drug at the same time and may have hospital admissions for overdose, adverse reactions, or withdrawal problems.


(Edited by Dra Moya Guirao)




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The Name of Schizophrenia (English)

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the name of Schizophrenia was coined in 1908, referring to the disconnection or splitting of the psychic functions, which is believed to be an outstanding symptom of  this illness ?

The term Schizophrenia was coined by Eulen Bleuler, the.Swiss psychiatrist.

Before that, in 1896 Emil Kraepelin called it Dementia Praecox. This term was based on the early onset of the tendency toward a deteriorating course.

The Schizophrenia disorders are a mental disorder with a tendency toward chronicity which impairs functioning and which characterized by psychotic symptoms involving disturbances of thinking, feeling, and behavior.



(Edited by Dra Moya Guirao)

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Eutonia (English)

What does mean “Eutonia” ?

Eutonia is a increased sense of physical well being.

The term “Eutonia” comes from the Greek prefix “ ” meaning good, and the Greek word  “tonos” meaning tone. Then Eutonia means “good tone“.


(Edited by Dra Moya Guirao)

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Initial Newborn Care (English)

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physical contact with the baby established an early bond essential to a lasting parenteral relationship ?

The first physical contacts between mother and infant take place during breast feeding. During the feeding the mother should assume a comfortable position and turning from one side to the other to offer each breast. The newborn or infant should be placed so he faces his mother.

Other physical contact occurs when the mother hold and cuddle her baby. Nowadays the father share with his spouse the new role of parenting. Both, mother and father, have the opportunity of enjoyed all those moments.


(Edited by Dra Moya Guirao)


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Naltrexone is a orally bio-available opioid antagonist used in the treatment of opioid addicts ?

Naltrexone has a long duration of action and is generally well tolerated by patients.

Methadone is other drug used for treatment of chronic opioid dependence. Nowadays thousands of opioid addicts are in Methadone maintenance programs in many countries. Methadone is given to addicts orally.


(Edited by María Moya Guirao, M.D.)


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Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder is a disorder produced by exposure to an overwhelming environmental stress and characterized by recurrent episodes of reexperiencing the trauma.

This may occur in the form of dissociated states in which the patient appears to relive the stressful experience as if it were actually taking place.

Other episodes in Posttraumatic Stress Disorder are uncontrollable nightmares reproducing the traumatic events.


(Edited by María Moya Guirao, M.D.)

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Hypochondriasis is a disorder characterized by a preoccupation with bodily functions and a big fear that one is suffering from serious disease. Somatic complaints are an expression of the belief that some organic disease is present.

This patients complains of a wide variety of body symptoms, most commonly in the chest, head and bowel.They describes them with specific details respect to location, quality and duration. The complains are usually not associated with abnormal physical finding.

In Hypochondriasis the patient’s distress is exaggerated and he is resistant to logical reassurance.

Hypochondriacal symptoms are frequently associated with Depression and disappear when the affective disorder is relieved.



(Edited by María Moya Guirao, M.D.)

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Sexual Anhedonia

What does mean Sexual Anhedonia ?

In Sexual Anhedonia the person experience erection and ejaculation with no pleasure during orgasm.

Sexual Anhedonia occurs without spinal cord damage or peripheral neuropathy.

Others Disorders of Sexual  Dysfunction in the Male are : Inhibited Sexual Excitement, Inhibition of Orgastic Control, and Inhibited Orgasm.


(Edited by María Moya Guirao, M.D.)

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