Havelock Ellis and Human Sexuality

Who was Havelock Ellis ?

Havelock Ellis was a British physician (1859-1939) . He was pioneered  the study of human sexuality, and the results of his researchs were published in a series of volumes entitled: “Studies in the Psychology of Sex” in 1896.

In this treatise on sexology, Havelock Ellis said that human sexuality begin long before puberty. He also claimed that male impotence and female frigidity is due to psychological problems, and that masturbation is frequent in both sexes. He affirmed that women also have sexual desire, and not men only.
Havelock Ellis said that homosexuality and heterosexuality are present in a simultaneous in both sexes.

Around the same time Sigmund Freud came to similar results. The freudian theories were a scandal at that time.

Havelock Ellis in his autobiography “My Life” (1939), among other things, called for equal rights for women and sex education for children.

(Edited by Dr. María Moya Guirao, MD)

Havelock Ellis

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