Melanie Klein (English)

¿ Who is Melanie Klein ?

Melanie Klein was a psychoanalyst born in Vienna in 1882 and died in London in 1960.

She started her training with Sándor Ferenczi, and later, with Karl Abraham. She analysed children, at that time a new field.
She discovered the use of toys in child therapy with a very silent child patient.

Melanie Klein contributions to psychoanalysis theory are :

a)-early stages of Oedipus complex and super-ego formation,

b)-early operation of introjective and projective mechanisms in building up the child’s inner word of fantasy,

c)-the concepts of paranoid-schizoid and depressive positions,

d)-clarification of the difference between two sorts of identification : introjective and projective.

e)-the importance of a very early form of envy.


(Edited by Dra. Moya Guirao)

"Melanie Klein"

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