Mentally Retarded Individuals and Degrees of Disability

Topic : Mentally Retarded Individuals and Degrees of Disability  

Mentally retarded individuals need special care from infancy to old age. The psychologist can assist the parents to understand developmental sequences.

The degree of disability may go from mild level to profound level.

Profound level is characterized by :

minimal capacity for functioning in sensorio-motor areas,
delays in all areas of development,
basic emotional responses,
primitive speech,
incapable of self maintenance.

Mild level is characterized by:

often not notice as retarded by casual observer,
slowe walk,
can feed self,
can acquire practical skills,
can acquire useful reading and arithmetic,
can usually achieve social skills,
may need occasional guidance and support when under social or economic stress.

(Edited by Dr. María Moya Guirao, MD)

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