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Anxiety and Obesity



Did you know…..

Some people try to calm their anxiety by overeating and compulsively?

The increase in the intake of foods has led to a large increase in the weight of the inhabitants of many developed countries. What has been called obesity epidemic causes a serious risk to health. It is shown that obese people have an average life ten years less than people who have a normal weight.

We can affirm that people who eat healthy and avoid sedentary lifestyle have a weight appropriate. In some countries more than half of the population weighs more than their share.

The increase in the average weight of the inhabitants of some countries has tripled with respect to the average weight of 30 years ago. Even in countries where in the past there was no overweight or obesity, such as Japan and Korea, the average has also increased.

From this page we encourage you to lead a more active lifestyle and take a healthier diet, both adults, young people.
We also want to warn of the danger of certain diet to lose weight that can put in serious risk the health.


(Edited by Dr. María Moya Guirao, MD)

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