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The Panic Attack

Topic : The Panic Attack.

The Panic Attack  is a painful experience where the person feels a subjective sense of terror and eminent catastrophe for no evident reason.

The patient have the conviction that he is about to lose consciousness or life.

The attack can last from a few minutes to several hours.
The most common symptoms are:

  1. tachycardia, palpitations, and precordial pain,
  2. fine tremor of hands,
  3. sweating,
  4. “butterflies in the stomach”,
  5. motor weakness,
  6. nausea, and
  7. feeling of unreality.

The person experiences also a sense of air hunger which leads the subject to hyperventilation, and this one produces him a respiratory alkalosis.



(Editaded by María Guirao Moya, M.D.)

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