Pregnancy and Depression (English)

Did you know ….. that a recent research (January 2010) undertaken at the Universities of Cardiff and Bristol (UK) has shown that when a mother suffers fro

Optimism and Psychotherapy (English)

Did you know that….. A recent study, published by Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics Journal, shows that low level of optimism predicts initiation of Psycho

Previous Prenatal Loss and Mental Disorders (English)

Did you know that….. A recent study, published by The British Journal of Psychiatry, shows that depression and anxiety associated with a previous prenatal

Depression (English)

The patient with Depression uses to have an low mood, and  a sensation of  loss and frustration The person shows diminution or retardation in his social, affe

Pregnancy and Mental Health Among Womens Veterans of War (English)

Did you know that….. A recent study affirms that the women veterans of war with a pregnancy were twice as likely to have a diagnosis of Depression, Anxiet

Amphetamines (English)

Did you know that….. The effects of Amphetamines are alertness, anorexia, elevated mood, increased wakefulness and concentration ?. Amphetamines produce a

Factors of Sexual Impotence (English)

Did you know that….. Sexual Impotence may be due to intrapsychic factors such as sexual guilt, fear of intimacy, depression or other psychic diseases?. (E

Physical Disorders (English)

Did you know that….. many patients with recurrent or chronic physical disorders have depression ?. The patient has low mood, sense of helplessness, sluggi

Adverse Effects of Tricyclic Drugs (English)

Did you know that….. Tricyclic Drugs (drugs again depression) have some disagreeable anticholinergic effects ?. For example on the eyes, causing difficult

Hippocrates and Mood Disorders (English)

Did you know that….. in the writing of Hippocrates are many references to Mood Disorders ? . He distinguished various form of depression and swing of mood