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Stanley Milgram Experiment

Stanley Milgram Experiment

Stanley Milgram Experiment

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recently it has been seen that the conclusions of the famous experiment of Stanley Milgram, researcher of the prestigious Yale University, are not valid due to the multiple irregularities that occurred in its realization?

The Milgran experiment has been taught for decades in Psychology Faculties throughout the world, and is present in most of the books of Experimental Psychology and Social Psychology.

The methodological errors of the experiment have been detected by Australian researchers from the University of Melbourne, Nick Haslam, Steve Loughnan and Gina Perry, when reviewing the files of the experiment that are kept at Yale. This review has been published in the scientific journal PLOS ONE.

These researchers say that the study of Milgram has been considered as the most emblematic experiment in the history of Psychology, and that in the fifty years since it took place there has been much debate about whether Milgram demonstrated the ability of ordinary people to do the evil and the roots of the Jewish Holocaust, but nobody until now had reviewed it.

The experiment that Stanley Milgram conducted in 1961 consisted of alleged students responding to a memory test, and when they failed a teacher should give him an electric shock, a discharge that increased in intensity as they gave more errors, even reaching a discharge that could be mortal Actually the device did not produce any discharge, but the student pretended to receive it. Well, according to the Milgram, some teachers gave painful discharges to students who failed in their answers, even knowing the great pain they produced.

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