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Prisoners Reactions

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some prisoners during World War II interrogations were able to remain very alert and to outsmart their captors with shrewd answers ?

They fostered a state of cold detachment to achieve this mastery of their fears.

Many of them had experiences of having no body, no sensations, no feeling, etc., during that detachment state.

That cold state had a defensive function.


(Edited by María Moya Guirao, M.D.)


"soldado en la guerra"

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Ganser’s Syndrome

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In 1898 Ganser described a syndrome consisting chiefly of what he called “Vorberireden” ?

The person give only approximate answers.

When the patient with Ganser’s Syndrome is asked to do simple calculations he makes obvious mistakes, for instance, given 3 as the sum of 1 plus 1, or when he is asked to identify some object he says a wrong name.

Ganser’s Syndrome is generally encountered in prisoners who have to face trial and less frequently in noncriminal civilians.

There is not any organic disease in the Ganser’s Syndrome.


(Edited by María Moya Guirao, M.D.)


Ganser's Syndrome (English)

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