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Mother-child relationship

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mother-child relationship is a basic factor in the development of an adaptable and flexible ego ?

René Spitz observed that babies removed from their mother’s care and left in a hospital showed anxiety.



(Edited by María Moya Guirao, M.D.)

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Initial Newborn Care (English)

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physical contact with the baby established an early bond essential to a lasting parenteral relationship ?

The first physical contacts between mother and infant take place during breast feeding. During the feeding the mother should assume a comfortable position and turning from one side to the other to offer each breast. The newborn or infant should be placed so he faces his mother.

Other physical contact occurs when the mother hold and cuddle her baby. Nowadays the father share with his spouse the new role of parenting. Both, mother and father, have the opportunity of enjoyed all those moments.


(Edited by Dra Moya Guirao)


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