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Behaviorism means a mechanistic and biological approach of psychology, animal and human  ?

Behaviorism thinks that psychology should be as objective as physical science. Behaviorism says that the behavior is the only aspect of human psychology that can be measured.  Behaviorism affirms the emotions, the thoughts, and other internal topics of human mind are subjectives, and they are impossible to measure.

Behaviorism and other stimulus-response theories represent the mathematical and physical science applied to psychology.

(Edited by Dr. María Moya Guirao, MD)

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Psychiatry and Psychiatrist

The Psychiatry is the branch of the Medicine that deals with the study and treatment of the disorders of the mind and with the behavior in the human beings.

The mind, or “Psyche” for the former Greeks, is usually defined as the part of the person who includes the thoughts, feelings and the function of willing.

The psychiatrist deals with the treatment of mental illness.

The American Psychiatric Association (APA) is an American association of psychiatrists. The APA was founded in 1921. Previously there was the Association of Medical Superintendents of American Institutions for the Insane (AMSAII) founded in 1844 in Philadelphia by a group of American psychiatrists.

Every so often was held a World Congress of Psychiatry. The First World Congress of Psychiatry was held in 1950 in Paris.

(Edited by Dr. María Moya Guirao, MD)

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