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Important development events in children (English)

The most important development events in children are:

  1. One and a half year old : Can climb stairs holding on to an adult, speaks about ten words, and partially feeds himself.
  2. Two years old : Runs, can turn books pages, makes two o three words sentences, and can put on simple clothing.
  3. Three years old : Rides a tricycle, counts to ten, and questions constantly.
  4. Four years old : Throws a ball over, knows at least one color, and can washes his hand by himself.
  5. Five years old : Can catche a bounced ball, copies a triangle, and dresses and undresses without help.


(Edited by Dra. Moya Guirao)


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Infants Developmental Pattern ( two years old)

Did you know that…..

Developmental pattern have a wide range of normal variation ?

The two year old children can kick large ball, climb stairs, run well, put on simple garments, refers to self by name and use three word sentences.


(Edited by María Moya Guirao, M.D.)

two year old children development

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