The physician’s role and the patient compliance

Topic : The physician’s role and the patient compliance.

Making a correct diagnosis and establishing a good treatment marks the beginning of all therapeutic process. In this process it is essential a good communication between patient and the physician.
Medical guidelines should be clear and precise. The physician should consider the circumstances of each patient.
The physician should discuss with the patient about possible drugs adverse effects of the prescribed medication. If those drugs adverse effects appeared, the patient must not stop taking the medication, and he should visit his doctor.
Inappropriate termination of the therapeutic regime may be prevented if the physician explain the delay associated with the onset of apparent benefit characteristics of some drugs.

The belief that education improves compliance is not supported by hard evidence. Dealing specifically with patient factors that underline noncompliance is far more effective. Trust, in the personal physician, in the prescribed therapy or perhaps in medical science in general, appears most crucial to patient compliance.

(Edited by Dr. María Moya Guirao, MD)

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