Depression symptoms

The Depression symptoms are:

The patient with Depression uses to have an low mood, and  a sensation of  loss and frustration.

The person shows diminution or retardation in his social, affective, or intellectual activities, and also a decline of his sources of pleasure.

He feels a sense of helplessness. He may respond favorably to encouragement, but usually does so only briefly.

His mental processes remain intact, though tending to manifest mild or moderate degrees of sluggishness, which he may overcome by effort .

He is likely to feel overburdened by ordinary tasks, or  has difficult in concentrating , or soon tired from it. The subject tends to digress or divert himself from responsible activities.

In addition to feel excessively the weight of responsibility, the patient express anger, even  anxiety, by his disorganization and his lack of persistence in his approach to tasks.

His achieved level of productivity is reduced.


(Edited by Dr. María Moya Guirao, MD)

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