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The highest and the lowest rates of suicide

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suicide is one of the most significant cause of death in many countries ?

The World Health Organization defines suicide as an act deliberately initiated and performed by a person in the full knowledge or expectation of its outcome.

The lowest rates of suicide are in the Mediterranean countries, Greece, Spain, Italy, and Israel.
Korea has the highest rates of suicide. Other countries with high rates of suicide are Russia, Hungary and Japan.

Intentional killing of oneself has decreased in Estonia, Luxembourg and Austria, but it has risen in Korea, Chile, Japan, Mexico and Portugal.
Suicides are greater in elderly people and young people (under 25) than in the rest of people.

Mortality rates are based on the numbers of deaths registered in a country during a year and divided by the number of its habitants.

(Edited by  Dr. María Moya Guirao, M.D.)

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