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Psychotherapy Experiencial of Whitaker

Topic: Psychotherapy experiencial of Whitaker.

The Psychotherapy Experiencial of Whitaker is a modification of the orthodox psychoanalysis designed by an American psychoanalyst called Whitaker and his group of Emory University in Atlanta (USA), among that also the Dr. Malone deserves to be mentioned.

Whitaker was defining the psychotherapy as ” a situation where a person (therapist) acts catalyzing the process of growth of another (patient), and taking her to a major level of adaptative capacity “.

Also he was thinking that the psychotherapy would help in the process of personal growth, and they called her “experiencial” because it emphasis in the experience of the treatment itself and in the interrelationship therapist – patient, more than in the use of interpretations.

This psychoanalyst was the introductory one of the so called “Polytherapy” in which several therapists were using for the same patient.

(Edited by María Moya Guirao, MD)

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