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Relaxation of J.H. Schultz

Topic: Relaxation of J.H. Schultz (Berlin), also called “Autogenous Training“.

It consists of a relaxation technique which works in stages during which the subject is “training“, hence its name. Exercising each phase for about 7 or 15 days, and the whole process takes three to six months. The person should be seated or supine, and should not do anything, just thinking.

Phase One: Experience of heaviness. He said: “The arm is heavy“, then the same for the legs.

Second stage: Experience of heat. Should experience warmth, his hand placed in the epigastrium (above the navel), and is told: “The solar plexus is warm“.

Third stage: Reassure the heart. He says that “quiet and strong heart beats“.

Fourth stage: It is the breathing. Who feels that his “breathing is calm and rhythmic“.

Fifth stage: Freshening of the mind. He says “your forehead is cool

The person must practice it after each session.

This type of relaxation is currently used in sports, in the so-called painless childbirth, in the dentist’s office with people who get very nervous and even in minor surgery.

(Edited by Dr. María Moya Guirao, MD)

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