Wallon development stages

 Henry Wallon

Henry Wallon

According to the French physician and psychologist Henry Wallon ((1879-1963), the human being goes through a series of stages in his psychological development, this development in the child would be as follows:

1.- First stage or pure impulsive stage. This stage of child development, which begins with birth, is characterized by motor activity that reflects different stimuli.

2.- Second stage or emotional stage. This stage begins at six months and is characterized by the affective symbiosis with the mother.

3.- Third space or sensitive motor stage. This stage begins at the end of the first year or at the beginning of the second. It is the moment of the acquisition of walking and spoken language.

4.- Fourth stage or stadium of the project. Wallon thought that in this stage the child is projected onto things to be perceived as well.

5.- Fifth stage or stadium of personalism. Now, between two and a half years and three years, it is important for the child to perceive himself as an autonomous individual, that is, he will acquire “ego consciousness“. It is the stage of negativism and opposition.

6.- Sixth stage or stage of thought. It begins around six years of age and marks the beginning of the development of logical thinking and socialization. School life allows you to establish new relationships outside of your family.

(Edited by Dr. María Moya Guirao, MD)

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